Benefits of Cooking in Majestic Pressure Cooker

When it comes to Pressure Cooker the one and only name that crosses your brain is Majestic Chef.

Best Pressure Cooker In Pakistan

Majestic Chef  is Pakistan’s 70 Years Old Company who introduced first ever pressure cooker in Pakistan back in 50’s. Pressure cookers have been around for a long time, but the thought of using one still does not appeal to some maybe there is some fear factor or phobia. This reluctance may be due to childhood memories of a screeching pressure cooker followed by an explosion that sent the evening's dinner splattering all over the ceiling in the kitchen.


Chef Pressure Cooker for Bakra Eid

Many people can remember when they were children they were hurried out of the kitchen whenever the pressure cooker was on the stove. Its true and it was a fact of fear at that time.

Pressure Cooker Brand in Pakistan - Majestic Chef

Why was that so at that time ? yes that’s the question. So here we are to give you the genuine answer. Old times the product was new and manufacturers didn’t took in their considerations its risks and screeching noise, so the days goes by the technology started to get matured and again Majestic Chef took this responsibility to make worlds best Pressure Cooker which is Safe and good for healthy Cooking.

Modern-day pressure cookers have taken the risk out of pressure cooking. Pressure cookers today do not emit that high-pitched screeching sound, and they have safety features which prevent excess pressure build up, and locking lid handles which will not open until the pressure is released. They are a huge improvement on the noisy, steam spitting, rattling pots that many people were familiar with in years past.


Why do we use Majestic Pressure Cookers?

Well, there are multiple reasons we as a renowned brand of Pakistan suggests to use pressure cookers for our kitchen needs, There are countless benefits of using Majestic Cookers and we would like to elaborate them for you step by step.

 Food Retain Most of its nutrients and are tastier

 Foods that are pressure cooked offers more nutritional boost than those cooked for longer periods using traditional cookware. The longer foods are cooked, the more nutrients are destroyed. So here is the key if you want to save the nutrients of your food then pressure cooked it.

Foods that are cooked in pressure cooker gets ready faster, with less liquid. The liquid (water) is boiled away leaving the food with its original nutrients. So, it’s a fact that food gets ready in less time has its maximum essentials with it and also less likely to lose their color and taste. Pressure Cookers reduce cooking time by as much as 75% which is great reduction of time and energy.

Energy Savings are Essential Nowadays

Since the day of Pressure cookers smart chefs left using multiple pots on multiple burners in order to save Gas. This all happens just because pressure cooker lends themselves to one pot cooking recipe. Since it takes less time so its obvious we are going to need less energy to cook our food. It’s a good habit and trend of modern world to find ways how to reduce the energy consumption.

 Time Savings in Preparing Food

Time is gone when you get back home after work, tired and exhausted you don’t need too much wait in order to prepare your food. World turns faster now and pressure cooker reduces your time by 75% and making it handy tool to quickly get your meal ready on the table.

Kitchen is Cleaner and Cooler

We all remember back in 70’s and 80’s when we use to cook on fire and coal and the kitchen turns into a coal mine. The burning residue are all over the kitchen surfaces and it was a total disaster cooking food. Nowadays when you have 70% time reduction tool in terms of Majestic Pressure Cooker you can keep your kitchen Cleaner. Because it keeps heat and steam inside of it that will lead your kitchen a healthier and cool place to cook your delicious food.

 About Majestic Chef Pakistan

Majestic Chef is Pakistan’s oldest, trustworthy and reliable brand which is serving its customers since last three generations. We are the pioneers of pressure cookers in Pakistan. You can see a lot of other brands out there in the market for pressure cookers but for your safety and satisfaction only choose Chef Pressure Cookers. We have introduced multiple safety features to ensure its lifespan and workability. We also use the virgin Food Grade Aluminum alloy 3003 series to produce our quality pressure cookers. WE have multiple models in our cookers range. You can CLICK HERE to see all our range of pressure cookers.


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