Who We Are

Majestic Industries was founded in Sialkot (Province of Punjab) Pakistan in 1937 by “Sh. Abdul Razzaq” (Late). At that time Majestic became one of the first companies to produce Aluminum household utensils in Pakistan. So we have that title of “Pioneer” in Aluminum Cookware. We are also holding a title of “INVENTOR” of Pressure Cooker in Pakistan back in 1990’s along with our exclusive entrance in the field of NON-Stick technology as well. 

Non-Compromised quality and elegant designs have not only made our products dominant in the local market but also highly popular across the world. That created a need for another production unit that was set up at WAZIRABAD in 1970. 

Quality Cookware for Everyone

We strive to equip bakers, cooks, chefs, and anyone who appreciates the art of food preparation and presentation with the best tools to suit their needs. Whether preparing a delicious family meal, baking a perfect batch of cookies, or entertaining a house full of people, we supply a broad array of equipment and accessories for the most savvy culinary artist to the delighted smiles at your table.

Majestic launches it s brand name CHEF in 1996, From the day onwards all the products are being marketed under the brand CHEF, We have vast range in cookware mentioned below 

  • Pressure Cooker 
  • Cooking Pots 
  • Casserole Set
  • Metal Finish Pots/Pans
  • Multi Purpose Pans
  • Non Stick Cookware
  • Induction Base Cookware
  • Hard Anodized Cookware
  • Induction Base Cookware
  • Catering Pots
  • Commercial Cookware

Majestic CHEF Valued Clients

Chef has established a huge network in Pakistan and also distributed its products to Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, West Africa and South Africa. 

National and International Certifications: . 

Chef products are reliable to use as we carry national and international certifications for safety and quality control procedures. We have following certifications on our back

HR and Production Capacity with Extra Value Added:

Our Cookware products are manufactured by using best quality raw material at our state-of-the art unit at Wazirabad, Pakistan. We are equipped with high-end machinery and more than 500 well trained professional employees working day and night under the practices and procedures mentioned above. CHEF produces utensils for domestic use, Hotels, Restaurants, Governmental Institutions, Hospitals and multiple Chain Stores. Moreover we have the ability to produce private label merchandise and custom packing which makes us stand out among other brands. We also Offer fully Customized products as per our customer requirements following their designs and specifications. On top of everything WE MAKE ALL THE DIES on our expense which is the “Show Stopper” 

R&D Department:

CHEF has highly skilled, experienced and dedicated brains who are working day and night to research and bring the latest products in the market that meets customer needs. Our R&D department is playing a vital role in our company’s success and it always makes us “look stand” out among hundreds of other brands. 

CHEF Policy & Vision: 

Chef policy is to provide its customers best services and lucrative quality at very competitive with exclusive 24/7 online support. We keep our clients updated regarding their production in which phase its passing through. We only believe in Long Term Business Relationships. 

Features of Hard Anodized Cookware:

  • 2-4 Times harder than Stainless Steel
  • Non toxic, non staining and non reactive with food. 
  • Needs some oil or water to prevent sticking.
  • Heats evenly and quickly and metal ladle friendly. 

Feature of Non Stick Cookware:

  • Healthy Fat-Free cooking 
  • Can cook without and with little oil 
  • Prevents foot from sticking
  • Heats evenly and quickly 
  • Comes with high quality coating

Feature of Marble Finish Non Stick Cookware:

  • Healthy Fat-Free cooking 
  • Can cook without and with little oil 
  • Prevents foot from sticking
  • Heats evenly and quickly 
  • Comes with “Marble” Finish

Feature of Pressure Cooker:

  • Made from food grade virgin wrought aluminum 
  • Unique anti-bulging base – Saves 32% Energy
  • Unique and User Friendly Locking Mechanism 
  • 100% Blast Proof Guaranteed
  • Variety of Handles Color to make it look Great

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