How to Choose Best Nonstick Frying Pan Chef Guide

Since we are in Pakistan and we know we love to use Made in Pakistan products in current era. Majestic Chef is Pakistan’s Best nonstick Cookware Manufacture since last 70 Years. We hold the title of “Pioneer” of nonstick technology In Pakistan. As an Old Cookware brand who is serving its customers for three consecutive generations is proudly sharing the most useable best nonstick frying pans with its customers.

Chef Nonstick Marble Coating Purple Color Fry Pan

Why Majestic chef Nonstick Pans are the Best?

Since we are the oldest and never compromise on product quality Kind of brand we always step ahead of our competitors. We know what our customers seeks with the passage of time. We know their requirements and the changing trends. We are the Trend makers in terms of new products development and innovations. Our R&D department always come up with new designs in terms of better performance and productivity. We use 100% wrought aluminum alloy 3003 FDA certified FOOD grade material to make our nonstick fry pans. If you wish to know fry pan price in Pakistan online you might see a lot of other local brands selling nonstick pans and pots but you should search for what are the best nonstick frying pans you will see our website.

non stick fry pan price in Pakistan

We offer multiple thicknesses to our valuable customers in order to give them choice if they want heavy gauge fry pan or lightweight nonstick pans on our website. We have huge range of camping fry pans, outdoor fry pans, Chef Nonstick Fry Pans and commercial aluminum frying pans. We would like to mention all our range from our big frying pans to small fry pans below.


Nonstick Fry Pan with 2-Layer PTFE Coating


Chef Cookware basic range is 2-layer PTFE coating nonstick fry pans which are best for daily use. Please remember one thing every nonstick product has its lifetime, please change your fry pans after every 2 years. So you can keep getting the fresh and healthy foods.

camping frying pan


Nonstick Fry Pan with Copper PTFE Coating

This is one of our HOT Selling product, our customers are always waiting for our these classy look colorful nonstick pans. We have got huge demand always be there.

 Non stick fry pan price in Pakistan

Nonstick Fry Pan 4mm Marble PTFE Coating

Our 4mm nonstick marble coating frying pans are the heavier in terms of weight for those who tend to use relatively heavier pans. 


How to check if its Original CHEF Nonstick Pans ?


There are a lot of duplicate brands out there in the market claiming themselves to be the original Chef Fry Pans, But for confirmation if its real or fake you will see the CHEF Stamp on the back side of our Frying pans. If there is no Stamp of our LOGO then its FAKE and beware of Copy cats.


We care About Kids:

Pakistan is Growing country and our kids love to take part in the kitchen in order to help parents cook food. In order to make our kids feel that they are not alone we introduced our small frying pans for those kids who wants to fry one egg with less oil and gas consumption. Our one Egg Frypan is the best cooking tool for kids to learn cook food for kids.

  non stick fry pan price in pakistan

We also have vast range of professional Chef Nonstick Fry pans for hotels and restaurants use. We offer 1 year guarantee for our nonstick frying pans only if you follow our recommended way to use. So we are the 1st brand who make big frying pans for its valuable customers.


General Tips and Techniques of How to Use Nonstick Cookware  


Question: How to deep clean non stick frying pan?


Follow these Four basic steps for cleaning non-stick cookware.

  1. Allow the pan to cool completely. When you’re finished cooking, allow your pan to cool completely on the stovetop. Soaking or rinsing a hot pan in cold water could warp the pan and ruin the non-stick surface.
  2. Rinse the pan with warm, soapy water. As soon as the pan cools, rinse it with Mild hot water to remove any food particles from the pan's surface. Use warm water instead of hot water to improve your pan's longevity.
  3. Scrub the pan with a sponge and dish soap. Apply dishwashing liquid directly to a soft sponge or washcloth. Scrub the entire surface of the pan to remove all the remaining food residue. Rinse the pan thoroughly.
  4. Dry the pan thoroughly. Use a clean, soft cloth to dry the cookware. Store your cookware on a vertical dish rack or place a paper towel between stacked pans to protect the non-stick surfaces from getting scratched.


Question: How to clean grease from non stick frying pan


Answer: Start by mixing water and baking soda to make a paste. Spread the paste on the residue. Scrub the surface with a nylon scrubber. The baking soda acts as an abrasive to safely remove the residue without damaging the non-stick surface.


Question: How to remove burnt food from non stick frying pan


Answer: Add enough water to cover the bottom of the pan, along with 2 tablespoons of both white vinegar and baking soda. , stir the mixture periodically until boiling. Let boil for 5 minutes. Allow the mixture to cool completely after boiling, then rinse pan with warm water and wash with dish soap and a non-abrasive sponge

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