Best Non Stick Frying Pan In Pakistan 2022

Everyone, especially Pakistani housewives love to have nonstick frying pans in their kitchens. Today we are going to explore the wide variety of cooking pans that Pakistan’s best and oldest cookware brand Majestic CHEF has. We do have a vast variety of fry pans in stock at our website, According to non-stick fry pan price in Pakistan only one brand pops up in mind which is Majestic Chef. Below we are going to elaborate all of our classified cooking pans just to educate our customers what should they get it for.

Pakistani Women Enjoys Cooking in Chef non Stick Frypans

Majestic Chef 2 MM Non Stick Frying Pan

It’s extra lightweight and durable in class... We introduced this lightweight for those customers who wanted us to launch this this extremely easy to handle and lightweight for daily use. It’s pretty obvious that every nonstick cookware has its own protocol, since it’s lightweight it doesn’t mean its crap its equally good and durable because we don’t reduce the quality of our material we use best material which is (Lead and nickel Free) to make our utensils.             


Forged Chef 2.25 MM Nonstick Frying Pan

A well-engineered, non-stick frying pan is a kitchen essential, allowing you to cook with flair and confidence. They’re versatile bits of kit, too. Chef Forged Fry pan is extremely elegant and very convenient to use while cooking the best food for your loved ones. Whether you want to make crispy-skinned sea bass for this white fish with sesame noodles dish, caramelize a rib-eye steak, crisp duck fat for our seared duck with ginger mash or make simple, easy crêpes, the right frying pan will make all of these tasks (and more) an absolute breeze. These model fry pans have stylish round thick edge to make it look more elegant and royal.

 Chef forged Non Stick Frypan - Majestic Chef

Chef 3 MM Elegant Series Non Stick Frying Pans

A nonstick pan is the best tool for cooking fluffy omelets, whisper-thin crepes, and delicate fish fillets—without the risk of your food sticking to the bottom. After cooking many dozens of eggs, pounds of fish, and countless crepes, we think the Chef 3MM Elegant Series Non Stick Fry pan is the best value for the buck. our Elegant series fry pans outperforms those who has double the price. Chef 3mm Fry pan is one of the best pan that every kitchen would like to have. Long lasting anti chemical coating make it perform good with its evenly heat distribution and excellent maneuverability.


 Chef 4MM Heavy Gauge Professional Series Frying Pan

Chef Cookware recently included its top grade 4 mm thick super heavy weight nonstick fry pan into its fleet. It’s super long lasting marble coating frying pans that will make it look and feel excellent. We not only increased its thickness but added some core features to perform more professionally.

Chef Cookware 4mm Frying Pan - Majestic Chef

We introduced induction base to make it work on induction hobs for those customers who pushed us to introduce Induction base fry pans.  We care about customers and for that reason we also introduce the soft touch feel handle as well. Chef Cookware nonstick coating should stay slick and scratch-free for at least four years (based on our experience so far). If you have an induction cooktop, however, go with one of our other picks, because this Chef Cookware 4mm frypan is induction-compatible (coming soon).


Chef Long Handle Non Stick Deep Fry Pans

Some guests are coming? You want to cook some delicious food for them? Don’t worry! Chef cookware 28cm nonstick Deep frying pan is the right choice to cook delicious Chicken Kadahi, Chicken Corn soup and anything you want to cook. We offer top quality nonstick coating and yes how can we forget about its lid, WE offer half steel and half glass lid as well as full tempered 4mm glass lid too.


Chef Cookware is Pakistan’s Leading Cookware Brand in Pakistan. Our products are available on all big Chain stores and outlets such as Hyper Mart, Metro, CSD and IMTIYAZ Super Mall.

General Questions from our Valuable Customers!


Question 1: How to deep clean Nonstick frying pan?

Answer: Bring one part vinegar and two parts water to a simmer, and then cool and wash with soap. This should take care of the entire sticky residue that has built up on the pan over time. 

Question 2: How to clean grease from non-stick frying pan?

  • Add ½ cup vinegar and 1 ½ cups water to your nonstick pan.
  • Cook over medium heat for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Allow the “cocktail” to cool.
  • Wash the pan with warm water, gentle dish soap, and a microfiber cloth.

Question 3: How to remove burnt food from non-stick frying pan?

To clean a nonstick pan, wash it by hand after every use with mild, soft soap and a soft cloth or sponge. Rinse the pan with lukewarm water (neither hot nor cold), since hot temperatures can shorten the life of your pan. If there is burnt food stuck to the pan, soak it in warm, soapy water for 10-20 minutes.

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