Best nonstick cookware brand in Pakistan

There are lots of brand in market available producing different nonstick cookware for Pakistan market, but as you all know Chef Cookware which is the first ever brand back in 90’s who introduced non-stick technology in Pakistan. Every housewife and Kitchen in-charge knows we are carrying a legacy of 70 years of excellence in pressure cooker. Majestic is the only name come across your brain when it comes to “Pressure Cooker”.


As we all know non-stick cookware change the dynamics of cooking food in recent era and how Chef Cookware can stay behind when its market leader.  So let’s start from the very basic product that is essential for every cook’s kitchen which is non-stick fry pan even if you are beginner or the most professional. It's almost impossible to make eggs without one. Chef Cookware use the best non-stick material which is imported and PFOA free, Nickel free & Lead free.

Well Researched and Lab Testing

Unlike other nonstick brands in Pakistan Chef Cookware R&D department run different quality tests to ensure the quality of nonstick coating keep closer look on the finished product before launching for market. There are multiple tests that we perform in our Laboratory those are mentioned below.

  • BS7069, EN 12983 and Whitford test method 135C
  • Ball bearing Test
  • Intensive Abrasion test


Chef Cookware is the name of Trust and excellence that’s why we don’t compromise on quality especially when it comes to health and Food. There is a theory surrounding in the market that non-stick is poison and you should not use it, so you should be a judge by yourself because you can decide the best for your health not any brand. As long as its Teflon coating on your kitchen utensils and its PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic acid) free is not health hazard.

Common Mistakes That WE do!

Chef Cookware is Pakistan’s best non-stick cookware brand serving its customers since last three generations and yet it continues and carrying the legacy. So let’s discuss some common mistakes that we make while using our nonstick cookware.

  • Never Use Metal Utensils
  • Never Preheat While Empty
  • Never Use Non-stick Cooking Spray
  • Never Use It for High-Heat Cooking
  • Never Rinse with Cold Water
  • Never Wash In the Dishwasher
  • Never Use It for Food Storage
  • Never Stack
  • Never Use if the Coating Starts to Peel

Chef Advise, as we mentioned Don’t already we would recommend you with a piece of advice that everything has a life, and with the passage of time things has to be change. You must change your cooking pans and pots after every 2 years. However if any of your non-stick pan coating start fading it means it’s time to change because the coating lost its strength and its almost ready to mix in your food which is health hazard. The biggest mistakes that we came to a conclusion is the stacking issue, normally we comply with all the precautions of how to use a non-stick pan & how to clean a nonstick cookware we forget one thing which is stacking. We recommend after using and cleaning your non-stick pans never stack or store among other tools and pans. If you are short of storage then we recommend using the paper towel and kitchen towel between pans. Make sure they are completely dry.


  • Use Silicone Spoon for Cooking.
  • Avoid abrasive and metal pads.
  • Remove cooked-on grime with baking soda.
  • Try a “cleaning cocktail.
  • Dry Thoroughly.



Chef Cookware Nonstick 4mm Frying Pans

We have various types of nonstick frying pans that we developed for our customers to serve well. Top of the line we have Chef 4mm Premium quality non-stick Frypan and Deep fry pan. As its name you can imagine its thickness is 4mm with heavy base that makes it heavyweight and on top of it its 3 layer marble coating frying pan. Also we included a special feature in handles which is soft touch feel, any cook can easily handle this pan with these stylish handles.  These pans are available in multiple colors such as Red, marron, copper, blue and purple.

Chef Cookware Nonstick 4mm Fry Pan - Majestic Chef

Chef Cookware Elegant Series 3mm Frying Pans

This is our regular series 3mm thick frying pans which is popular for its usability and convenience. These are one of our signature and best sellers. However their life almost equals to our 4mm premium series but again here we would like to request you to please consider our Suggestions mentioned above in order to last your pan longer; it all depends on how you use your Non-stick Frying Pans.  

Chef Cookware 3mm Non stick Elegant Series Fry Pan

Chef Cookware Economy Series 2mm Frying Pans

Like name shows its thickness is 2mm and it doesn’t means its inferior quality its just light in weight because we have to launch it for those who wants to decorate their kitchen with CHEF Cookware with limited budget. It is double layer nonstick coating similar to our 3mm Elegant series nonstick frypans.


Last but not least, Chef Cookware is renowned in cookware industry and has its own mark. We are leading manufacturer and exporters in this industry. We have plenty of satisfied customers around the Globe. We have export in more than 29 Countries.

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