Chef Marble Coating Nonstick Cookware Set / Taper Series 21 Pcs - Black

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Chef Marble Coating Nonstick Cookware Set / Taper Series 21 Pcs - Black

Are you looking for a complete Non-Stick Cookware sets marble coating taper series for your kitchen or wants to gift cooking set to someone? 

 Welcome to Majestic CHEF, the ultimate solution for your kitchen.

CHEF brings the most desirable Chef Marble Coating Taper Series 21 Pcs  for you to help cooking easy.

Non-stick surface engineered to reduce the ability of other materials to stick to it. Non-stick cookware is a common application, where the non-stick coating allows food to brown without sticking to the pan.

CHEF marble coated taper series helps cook healthy and delicious food for yourself and your loved ones.

Why Chef Nonstick Cookware Set is BEST? 

First of all this nonstick cooking set is unique in design, Secondly it has three fantastic colors, Pink, Marron and Black. Thirdly it has heaviest gauged 3.5mm thickness, Fourthly it has matching handles lastly but not least it comes with Export quality Sheesham wooden cooking spoons with it. Oh we should not forgot about the Chef apron that is also the export quality. So overall this 21 pcs cookware set is going to make your kitchen look more desirable and attractive. 

Majestic CHEF is the perfect fit for your home.

 Features of marble coating taper series :

    • Material: Non-Stick ( PFOA FREE)
    • Number of Pieces: 21
    • 3-Layer Coating
    • Marble Coating
    • Unmatched Quality
    • Dishwasher Safe
    • Food Grade
    • Ultra-Durable Kitchen Set
    • Eco-Friendly
    • Chemical Free Natural Coating
    • Free from Side Effects

What is inside in Marble Tapper Cookware Set:

Product Size  Pcs
Casserole with lid 22 cm 2 Pcs
Casserole with lid 24 cm 2 Pcs
Casserole with lid 26 cm 2 Pcs
Wok with lid 28 cm 2 Pcs
Sauce pan with lid 18 cm 2 Pcs
Hot plate / Roti maker 30 cm 1 Pcs
Fry pan 24 cm 1 Pcs
Kitchen tools
6 Pcs
Apron $ Gloves

 Specifications :

    • 3.5mm Thick (Heavy Duty )
    • Liquid Base Color
    • 6 Export Quality Sheesham Wooden Spoons Set
    • Matching Handles (Bakelite)
    • Grooved Outer Surface
    • 4 MM Tempered Glass Lid
    • 2 HQ Matching Gloves
    • 1 High Quality Matching Apron
    • 3 layer non stick coating
    • High quality glass lids
    • High quality and imported knobs are fitted
    • Very less amount of oil will being used for this set

Precaution while Cooking in nonstick cookware set

    • These are NONSTICK, so to extend the life of the coating use oil when cooking for the first time.
    • Although the coating is very durable, use with care when using metal or sharp tools on the product
    • To prevent overheating and fire, always pay attention when pre-heating.
    • To prevent damage, avoid storing salt food in cookware.
    • You will gain better cooking results using low to medium flame.
    • Always keep cookware clean when not in use.
    • Use always just sponge while washing .
    • Use only non stick spoons or wooden spoons while cooking.
Stay used , Stay safe

Majestic CHEF is a No.1 Cookware Brand in Pakistan. We have a vast collection of Kitchen accessories, Wok, Slicer, Ricer, and handheld food processor, which are helpful tools in your daily routine.

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Chef Marble Coating Nonstick Cookware Set / Taper Series 21 Pcs - Black
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