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Eid ul Azha is one of the most favorite event in Pakistan region that locals celebrate in the memory of Great Sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S). Since than all Muslims observes this event in his memory and this is very vital part of our Faith.  

Eid Ul Azha with Chef Cookware

Normally on this occasion there is national Holidays of 3 days for general public, all schools, and most businesses are closed. The day kicks off with prayers and after that special sacrifice that everyone bought before Eid takes place, while everyone comes together to share and enjoy the festivities and blessings. In this blog, we have gathered some best things about Eid-ul-Adha in Pakistan that you will experience nowhere else in the world.


There are following things that normally we tend to do on Bakra Eid.


  • Barbecue Parties
  • Eid Adventures
  • Family Reunions
  • Never-Ending Feasts
  • Sense of Sacrifice

Bar B Q Parties: the first and most interesting thing about Eid ul Azha is the BBQ parties. Families gather their friends and families and try to get together and have some quality time together. These parties are among the most awaited festivities of this Eid in Pakistan.

Chef Cookware with BBQ deals

The three-day festival is not complete without enticing seekh kebabs, juicy tikkas, and flavorsome botis, to go with lip-smacking parathas, of course. Not to mention, these delicacies of Bakra Eid give us Pakistanis all the more reasons to be enthusiastic and happy about this festival.


The real joy of this event starts when all the family members insist to go to Mandi and get their Qurbani. This is very special event


The most attractive part on this Holy event is Giving away the meat to the needy. That is the most fascinating moment our young people can’t wait to perform it. Early In the morning when they get up for the prayer and after observing sacrifice thy third part as pe shriya we tend to distribute among those who can’t afford to eat meat all over the year. We have been ordered first divide your meat in three equal parts, one part belongs to relatives, one part for poor and needy people and one part we can keep it.

 Chef Cookware  - Majestic Chef

The second day of Eid is preferably spent in the sense of invitations to the friends and families. We invite them just to have a gathering and spend some quality time. We use best nonstick cookware to make delicious foods. Ladies are so much excited to try new dishes on this event.


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