Best Cookware and Kitchenware Brand in Pakistan since Last 75 Majestic Years

 Chef Cookware known as its Parent Brand “MAJESTIC” which is Pakistan’s Best Pressure Cooker Brand since last 75 Majestic Years. Majestic Chef has stands out alone if we ask about Product Quality and the durability. Majestic Pressure Cookers are our Signature products that everyone knows around the globe that we are the Best brand among others.

Pakistan's Best Cookware Brand 2022-23

After successful and praised in the industry of Pressure Cooker on our customers demand we introduced our Non-Stick Cookware and yet we are the best Non-stick Cookware Brand in Pakistan. We have all the latest nonstick frypans, nonstick sauce pans, Nonstick Casseroles, Nonstick Hotplates and Tawa. Unlike other local brands in Pakistan we never Use local paint to make our cookware nonstick. We use Special nonstick PTFE coating for our utensils to make their look and quality.


We are certified from following International Standards

ISO 9001, SA 2000, CE Approved, PSQCA

WHY Chef Cookware is the Best Cookware Brand in Pakistan?

 Often, we have been asked Why we are Best?  So here is the answer; We use top class raw material Aluminum alloy 3003 series which is laboratory tested and FOOD Grade material. Secondly, we have top experienced labor who put their expertise with great enthusiasm to make the best quality product for our valued customers. Thirdly, we have latest technology and machines to produce top grade cookware. After Successful story of Pressure Cooker in Pakistan Majestic Chef introduced their Nonstick Technology back in 90’s for the first time in Pakistan as well. So, we are the pioneer in Pressure Cookers and Nonstick Cookware in Pakistan, that’s why we are the best among other brands out there. In Nonstick Cookware we are doing two-layer coting nonstick, Three-layer nonstick Coating, Marble Coating nonstick and matching colors as well with Soft Touch Handles. Our Nonstick Marble Coating Fry Pans are one of our best sellers in the market.

We have millions of loyal customers In IMT’s (International Modern Trade) Metro Cash n Carry, Hyper Marts, Imtiaz Super Mall, CSD and Other Shopping Malls. That’s Why people tend to buy Pakistan best cookware's online from our website. Where we offer fast shipping and best customer services as well as easy returns and exchange policy.

 What we are Proud Of?

 We are proud of our following Product line

Our Aluminum or Metal Finish Pans and pots are domestically used heavily in homes and commercially in restaurants and hotels because they have added layer of anodization which makes them protected from alkaline food ingredients, that’s why our customer love to shop metal finish cookware from us. Other Local brands don’t know how to make aluminum cooking pots anodized technically and properly. In early times there was a myth that aluminum cooking pots consume more oil and the food sticks but we took care of this issue like 205 years ago to make it feel like nonstick just to use BEST quality raw material and then make our aluminum cooking pots go through extra process of anodizing. After successful path of Metal Finish Cookware on our customers huge appreciation and demand we introduced the Nonstick Cookware in Pakistan back in 90’s.

Majestic Chef Endure Series Cookware Set 15 Pcs - Jahaiz PAckage

So Chef Cookware was the first Pakistani Brand who invented and introduced the Nonstick Technology ever in Pakistan. Now we have all your kitchen needs and essentials under one roof. We have 2mm Nonstick Fry pans, we have 3mm thick nonstick frypans, we have Forged nonstick frypans, and we do have 4mm Ultra Thick professional marble coating Frypans for our customers needs. We are nothing but the order followers of our valued customers.

 Majestic Chef Cookware 16 pcs Nonstick Cookware Set

In the recent times People Prefer to use Best Nonstick cookware over regular metal finish cookware. Because they think aluminum cookware is harmful to their health and it is easy to cook in nonstick cookware rather than aluminum cookware, and Especially the professional kitchen chefs of the modern era Love to use nonstick cookware for cooking. Besides the ease of cooking Chef Cookware multi-color Nonstick cookware gives your kitchen a new look thanks to its attractive coating; nevertheless, some people underestimate nonstick products because they believe the nonstick coating is not long-lasting; after only one or two uses, the coating begins to disintegrate, crack off, Peel Off but the reality is different. Nonstick Cookware is like a little baby, you must have to take care of it like your own child. Chef Cookware Recommends some suggestions on How to use Nonstick Cookware to make life longer.


  1. Never Preheat empty
  2. Use less oil for the first time
  3. Your Stove should be on Even Surface
  4. Your Flame should be medium or low
  5. Wash with Foam Sponge
  6. Never Put pan into another pan
  7. Hang Fry and separate from other pans
  8. Store when it gets dry
  9. Don’t use metal utensils to clean nonstick residue
  10. Overheating can produce toxic gasses

If you follow these instructions mention above you will feel the difference in nonstick cooking pans performance and its life span. There is no warranty or Guarantee of nonstick coating it all depends on your use. We are not like other local brands to claim the life time warranty and lure them to order from us. We believe in Honesty and Handwork. But we are sure on one thing that we are using the BEST nonstick material for our Nonstick Cooking pots and pans.

 Why we are BEST in Pressure Cooker  ?

AS we mentioned above that we are the pioneer of pressure cooker in Pakistan and made first ever Pressure cooker in Pakistan. We are the only cookware brand who gives Lifetime Guarantee of PRESSURE COOKERS because we never compromise on life, it’s a pressure holding product and its direct life threat so we use 100% Food grade material with Brass safety valves and pressure nozzles rather than other local brands use less thickness and silver safety nozzles just to compete in price. Also  We care about our customers and that’s why our customers know Majestic PRESSURE cooker is the best. We are not saying this... Our customers are the ones who made us BEST.

 What we Do for our Customers?

 WE have Pakistan’s biggest dealership network in every single city of Pakistan, we are always strive to be available for our customers within their cities. To make sure our dealers and distributors are treating our customers as per company policy we have our online retail outlet, 24x7 WhatsApp number available and dedicated customer support representative to listen our customers complaints and rectify them within no time.

We offer different discounts and deals for our online loyal customers to keep them engage with us, We also run different types of activities such as giveaways, Q&A sessions and many other events for our customers.

Now you must be thinking what we are doing in Digital Networks such as TVs, So here we are, we never missed any platform where we think our customers would want to see us so on Pakistan’s #1 TV cooking channel MASALA TV is being sponsored by CHEF COOKWARE. All our cooking utensils are being used and displayed in all over the shows 24x7 and they loved it. So here we can say Chef Cookware is Pakistan’s #1 Recommended brand by Pakistan Best Chefs.


What are Chef Cookware Latest Development:

Our quality reflects our R&D departments hard work of day and night. In recent times and as per our customers demand we introduced some colorful line of cookware you can see in the pictures mentioned below.


21 Pcs Nonstick 4mm Highest Quality Gift Pack Set is one of our Signature inventions in 2021 that is well praised and appreciated not only in Pakistan but in USA, UK, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania and Australia. Just because its four-layer coating, 4mm Ultra thick, Taper Shape which no other brand has in Pakistan yet. 

Chef Cookware 21 Pcs Taper Series Nonstick Cookware Set

4mm Marble Coating Fry Pan with Induction: Induction fry pan is a need of every kitchen lady due to load shedding of Natural gas, Induction Fry Pan is also one of our best sellers among others in 2021 which is admired and praised heavily because of its heavy weight, Induction plate, its Thickness and Stylish Bakelite Handle to make its look more prominent within your Kitchen.  It’s a multi-purpose pan you can put it on all kind of Stove tops to make it work properly.

 4mm non stick marble coating induction base fry pan - 24cm

3mm Nonstick Round Fry Pan with Different Colors: Chef Cookware introduced its multi-color nonstick frypans with matching handles and same color inside and outside paint. You can see in the pictures how chef cookware Fry pans can make your kitchen a Modern-day Kitchen.

We recently introduced our inhouse Kitchen Gadgets once again on our customers demand we introduced our kitchen gadgets in different attractive colors, so that now we are proud to announce that we are the first company who made their gadgets as good as imported utensils.

Lastly but Not least, WE have introduced our inhouse wooden spoons unit which is producing all our wooden cooking utensils in top grade quality. We are no more putting the complimentary low-quality utensils in our nonstick gift sets anymore.


What is the MAJOR Difference between CHEF Cookware and Other Cookware Brands:

 There are so many things we can compare with other local brands to see the results but we think we have some major lead in the cookware industry. We think our customer is KING, and when you feel that your customer is KING you will automatically care for him and when you care for your customer they never hold-back your part they will care for you it’s a matter of Give and Take. Secondly our Quality of Products, Our Nonstick Cookware are far best quality then other local brands. Thirdly our customer support, we are not like other brands who never entertain their customer complaints. They Cant. because they don’t stand behind their products, Whereas Chef Cookware is Pakistan Leading manufacturer and Exporter of Quality Cookware products we always stand behind our products and rectify our customers complaints and that’s why we are the BEST. Again, we never say this our customers do. They made us Pakistan’s #1 Cookware Brand and Pakistan’s Top Chef’s Choice and Recommendations.







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