Best pressure cooker brand in Pakistan 2022

There are many brands nowadays that claims to be the Best brands in pressure cookers manufacturers. But every Pakistani man and women knows Majestic Chef is the first ever brand in Pakistan who invented pressure Cooker. So that means Majestic Chef is the Pioneer in Pressure Cooker. Majestic Chef was the first company who came into play and feel that people needs their food to be cooked and steamed in less time in order to save time and Fuel.

 Best Pressure Cooker Brand in Pakistan - Majestic Chef

Cooking is one of the most repeated processes in daily life. Cooking and eating are the main hobbies of Pakistani people. But it requires a lot of time in cooking some foods specially when it comes to boil beaf, Mutton and other time taking foods. So here comes the Majestic Pressure Cooker that comes with Lifetime blast proof warranty, 5 years rubber seal warranty and Extra heavy-duty Aluminum Alloy 3003 Food Grade material which makes Majestic Pressure Cooker is the Best pressure cooker in Pakistan.

 Best Pressure Cooker Brand in Pakistan - Majestic Chef

CHEF pressure cookers are the easy hands for the cook as you can cook some foodstuff such as beans, beef, mutton, and other lenticels using a pressure cooker within no time. These pressure cookers can help you save your precious time and they can also save energy by cooking food quickly with full of ingredients intact. 

Chef pressure Cookers has their own huge range of pressure cookers, We have multiple designs and sizes in order to meet our valued customers requirements. 

Domestic Size Pressure Cookers:

 Chef Pressure Cookers has huge range in stylish pressure cookers online available on our website. Our most selling model is Majestic Chef 1305 Pressure Cooker which is on Top of the line and has various sizes mentioned below


  • 3 Liters Capacity Majestic Pressure Cooker
  • 5 Liters Capacity Majestic Pressure Cooker
  • 7 Liters Capacity Majestic Pressure Cooker
  • 9 Liters Capacity Majestic Pressure Cooker
  • 11 Liters Capacity Majestic Pressure Cooker


These are the Domestic Sizes as per your family size, our 3 liter pressure cooker is best for newly wed couple to start their beautiful life from and safe time and Gas in order to cook quickly.  Our next size is 5 liters pressure Cooker which is of course the next bigger size and good fit for small family. The next size is 7 liter pressure Cooker this is lower medium size pressure cooker for a 3-4 persons family. The most convenient and traditionally size is our 9 Liter 1305 Chef Pressure Cooker, 11 Liter pressure cooker is used to make Beaf Paye or Mutton Paye or Large family food cooking.


Why Majestic Chef is the Best Pressure Cooker Brand in Pakistan.

 Chef cookware has many reasons that makes it the best brand in pressure cookers. First of all the raw material, unlike other brands out there we use the 100% virgin wrought Aluminum alloy 3003 Series which is classified and 100% Food grade. Secondly the accessories and safety equipment with ultra thick construction. We never compromise on quality that’s why we have a huge satisfied customer base on our back. Everything that is being used in or on our pressure cookers is being manufactured within the premises of Chef Cookware. Our R&D department and QC department make sure all the tests are fully pass before packing any pressure cooker.


We are ISO 90001 certified, CE Certified and FDA certified, It means Chef Cookware is Pakistan leading Pressure Cooker Manufacturer who is exporting their Pressure Cookers in all over the World. We have export in more than 29 Countries including USA, UK, AUSTRALIA, New Zealand, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Mexico, Central Africa and South Africa etc.


Majestic Chef has Various Pressure Cookers Models that you should take a look at



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